Photo Galleries of Perception

Here is a selection of photos from the schooner Perception.

The board traveled to Martha’s Vineyard in July of 2017 to purchase her, and sailed her for the first time.  She was then de-rigged and trucked to Traverse City.  Throughout the fall and winter dedicated volunteers worked to upgrade and restore her, and she was launched into the fresh water of Grand Traverse Bay in June of 2018.

Our first program with Gold Star Teens took place in Northport in July of 2018, and we gave many free sails to veterans at Harbor Days in Elk Rapids.  In August we continued crew training and refurbishing, and enjoyed many beautiful sails with new volunteers, friends & family.  In September we enjoyed more sails, rescued two kayakers, and gave deck tours and ran a booth at Northport’s Leelanau Uncaged celebration.  Perception was hauled out for the winter on October 16.

In 2019 Perception was launched in June, and passed all Coast Guard inspections.  We ran two Gold Star programs, attended our first Great Lakes Tall Ships Festival in Bay City, and over 4,000 people toured Perception and learned about our mission. We appeared at Elk Rapids Harbor Days and gave free sails to veterans, and attended the Hessel Classic Boat Show, where we met many schooner admirers. We will continue to host free sails for veterans while in Traverse City, and enjoy many friends and family sails through the end of the season.

In 2020 we were prevented from running our 4-day, 3-night program for Gold and Blue Star teens because of the pandemic. A lot of work was done on Perception, and we had sails for friends, families, and visitors. It gave us time to plan and think about our goals for next year.


“New” Masts–New Bunks–New Leather–New Steering Wheel–Spring Work–Friends and Family–Les Chaneaux Islands–Haulout–Winter Cover



June Launch–Beautiful Woodwork–Gold Star Teens 2019–Bay City Tall Ships Festival–Elk Rapids Harbor Days–Hessel Classic Boat Show–Topsail!


Rigging–Remodeling–Gold Star Teens–Veterans’ Sails–Volunteer Sails


From Martha’s Vineyard to Traverse City–Perception Touches Fresh Water for the First Time


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