Gold Star Teens

Gold Star Teens

Our on-board 4-day, 3-night sailing adventures are based in the small northern Michigan town of Northport, where we return to the beautiful, clean, safe marina every evening after a leisurely day of learning to sail.  Our group of 5 young sailors meet and share their experiences.  The captain teaches the lessons outlined below while the counselor and crew maintain a balance of fun, food, and leisure. Swimming, exploring the unique shops of Northport, and relaxing in the boater’s lounge are also available. A cookout in the evening or a bonfire caps the day.

The sailing topics covered include:

  • Sail Theory—how to use the wind to take you where you want to go
  • Sail Trim—how to arrange the sails to the best advantage
  • Points of Sail—the directions you can sail based on wind direction
  • Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics—the power of air and water
  • Steering—directing the boat with tiller, wheel, or sails
  • Speed and Stopping—how to increase speed or slow or stop the boat
  • Docking, Anchoring, and Mooring—Getting back to dry land
  • Safety Aboard—how to retrieve a person in the water
  • Rules of the Road—how to sail safely and courteously with other boats
  • Navigation—how to sail where you want to go
  • Weather—how to get along with Mother Nature

Teen Sailing Adventures Inquiry

Gold Star Teens

The following video shows why we feel a need to give back to the Gold Star families who have lost a loved on in service of our country.  This feature on CBS Evening News is about Grief Camp, which helps children come to terms with their loss.  Michigan Challenge helps promote healing for children of fallen soldiers in a different way by focusing on new skills, developing friendships with those who have endured similar traumas, and one’s place in nature and the universe.


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