Renovations and Repairs

Once Perception was settled in Dave Darga’s boatyard in Greilickville, Michigan, just north of Traverse City, volunteers began the tasks of bringing her up to code and making her look new and sparkling after her 1000+ mile journey from Massachusetts.  Perception got rust treatment, fresh paint inside and out, and a weak spot in her hull was repaired.  A cover was built to provide shelter for winter work. Talented volunteers made new decorative beak boards, a boom crutch, teak blocks, belaying pins, and deck boxes.  They refinished the teak cockpit and interior teak woodwork. Rot was discovered in her main mast and skillfully repaired.  Worn leather was replaced.  Her electrical and plumbing systems and engine were overhauled. The anchor chain was cleaned and repaired.  Finally, the winter cover came off!

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